Shenzhen Yingnuoming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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    Shenzhen Yingnuoming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, a charming open city in China. The company was established in 2012, with image recognition technology as the core, and is committed to providing a variety of powerful and high-accuracy certificate information Identification, biometric information identification, identity information system management and other professional services, LED related product development, production and sales of professional high-tech enterprises.
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      Name: York Ji
      Tel: +86-0755 8614 0435
      Fax: +86-0755 8614 0435
      Mobile: +86 15889707389
      Add: 216 2nd floor,Technology&industry Building,No.6, Ke Yuan Road, NanShan Districct, ShenZhen GuangDong China.

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